Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday Recap

I survived Black Friday and for the most part annoyance free. There was one incident, but we'll get to that in a bit.

The fake money prank was fun. (You'll have to scroll a bit to see what that was about if you're wondering.) The reactions were random and the best ones were the people who were pissed off when they realized the money they bent over to pick up wasn't real. I was told I missed the best one though when some guy bent over and picked up a fake fifty dollar bill and read the back of the bill which read "Smile For The Camera." Apparently he went into full "Linda Blair mode Ala The Exorcist", swiveling his head back and forth seeking out the camera. He ran down a security guard demanding to retrieve the "picture" taken. Poor clueless security guard was lost.

I did manage to upset one lady though. I was too tired to care and she was an idiot. A demanding clueless idiot at that.

We were swamped, and being short-handed didn't make it very easy to please everyone. Most people were pretty good about it though. Accept for the idiot lady. My getting up at 3:30 am probably didn't help matters out either.


She enters the store at about 10:00 am and I greet her and start to help her out. Within a minute her cell phone rings, she checks it, and announces that this is a call she has to take.


I start to back away and she grabs my arm and tells me this will just take a second. So I stopped, thinking that this conversation will be short. And not so much. My guess is she had a daughter on the other end of the phone and they start talking about what they've been buying so far that day.

I walk away at that point because hey, we're swamped.

In the middle of helping another customer this idiot lady comes up to me and decides she needs helped again since she's now off the phone. (About 5 minutes have passed.) I remained polite and told her I'd be with her as soon as possible. Apparently this wasn't good enough for her.

Idiot Lady: I'm back!
Me: I'll be with you in a minute.
Idiot Lady: I was in the store before she was though.
Me: You sure were.
Idiot Lady: So where were we?
Me: Well ma'am, you were on your cell phone, and now I'm helping someone else. I'll be with you as soon as possible.
Idiot Lady: But I was in here before her, and I'm tired, and want to get my shopping done and get home.
Me: You and a million others ma'am. I'll be with you soon.
Idiot Lady: But....
Me: Just go away.
Idiot Lady: What?!?
Me: You'll have to wait your turn. 
Idiot Lady: You don't want my business apparently.
Me: Honestly, I don't care. You're rude and your sense of entitlement is beyond ridiculous. Feel free to leave the store, or wait your turn.

So she left.

I turned and started to apologize to the lady I was helping and she, along with about two dozen other people in the store, starting to clap their hands together and laugh.

The best part about this is the boss was just arriving at work and he thought he was getting a standing ovation for just showing up.  He takes a bow, not understanding what just occurred. This group of people made the next 30 minutes or so in the store a lot of fun. They were totally great to be around and help out.

So Black Friday wasn't the total nightmare I was fearing it was going to end up being.


LegosInMyPocket said...

Ballsy! I <3 it! not many people would be so honestly forward where they have every right! Nice! New follower by the way.. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

You are too funny! I hope she felt like an assbag as she stormed out.

Just Plain Tired said...

Hey guys. I appreciate all who have been in this little part of the blog world and have been reading/commenting the last week or so. Work has been crazy, and long days have occurred. I'm actually off tomorrow and plan on getting around to your blogs then. I've missed getting around to see what you guys have been up to. thanks again, and stuff. ;)

Dazee Dreamer said...

You are sooooo awesome. I know I continue to stroke your ego, but it's freaking true. If talking to whomever was more important than you helping her, then too bad so sad for her.

Anonymous said...

If only more people were like you, the rest of the world MIGHT learn manners. But I doubt it. :) Well done, and your boss is too funny.

Anonymous said...

If only more people were like you, the rest of the world MIGHT learn manners. But I doubt it. :) Well done, and your boss is too funny.

darev2005 said...

You are so much more polite than I would be. It's a real good thing I don't work there. On the other hand, some days I wish you were working with me. You're alot faster on your feet than some of my co-workers.

Reckmonster said...

Ahhhh, I LOVE reading the conversations you have in which people get schooled (by you) in the most eloquent way possible! You give class to puttin' folks in their place!

Sarahf said...

Idiot lady totally earned that. I love that your boss thinks he's so appreciated!

WhisperingWriter said...

You rock for saying that to Idiot Lady. Big time.

Yankee Girl said...

I love it! If only there were people like you to say things like that to all of the idiots in this world.

I'm glad you were able to have some fun.

Pearl said...


Mustang Sally said...

Totally awesome ... perfection even if you tell me that they started clapping BEFORE she got out of the store ... so she heard it and KNEW that the rest of the world didn't think her anger was righteous.

But either way it was a win for you, with bonus points for letting the boss get all buttered up.

Your boss SO needs to hire me ... I need a job, you need help (I mean that in the best way of course) and I think I'd even LIKE working for him. I know I'd like working with you, laughter is always the best medicine to make work time fly.

Mrs Midnite said...

I was unaware of Black Friday over here in Scotchland. Sounds awful, I hate shopping when its that busy, pleased you survived.

Valerie said...

OK, I read a few paragraphs and was already laughing out loud. WRT "Idiot Lady?" Nicely done!

Sparkling Red said...

Once again, I applaud your unwillingness to put up with BS.

Alicia said...

I promise that during my Black Friday shopping I was very gracious and absolutely not on my phone when working with those who were selling me things at the mall because I thought of you having to deal with us crazy shoppers! The guy at Toys R Us however totally got what was coming to him...