Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've Reached A New Level Of Cool

I think it's time to take a break from blogging about the mess Gov. Walker is making here in Wisconsin. (It's probably only a temporary break though as Walker and his fundamentally wrong stance and union busting tactics have me incensed.)

Last night I was pleasantly surprised when both my kids showed up here. It's a rarity to get them together any more as one is in college and the other has a family of his own now. As we were visiting my son was uncharacteristically quiet. When he finally spoke it was to ask me what I was listening to as I had some music playing in the background. When I told him it was a playlist from YouTube both kids got off the sofa and decided to investigate what the "old man" listens to.

I like various forms of music but have especially embraced (some) symphonic rock as of late. My kids, who consider themselves up on most music trends were completely baffled and impressed with what I had on a particular playlist. They had also never heard of most of the groups/bands as well. This wan't particularly surprising to me as most of these groups were from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc. For some reason their music hasn't really caught on in the U.S., which I've found perplexing myself.


They spent almost an hour checking out my tunes and then I heard my daughter whisper to my son, "Did you ever think Dad was this cool?" His response was no. My response, "I heard that smart ass."

By the time the evening was over both had decided that they've been sadly missing out on some great music and the old man here had certainly surprised them. I think they were used to me playing music from the "80's", the era when I was young enough to be considered "cool." They also like music from that era as well, which makes them "cool" in my eyes.

(Although, disappointingly, they both consider rap a form of music with some merit. Sigh.)

The evening ended and I'm sure by now I've lost a measure of coolness in their eyes though. I mean seriously, who really considers a parent cool for any real length of time?

Below is a couple of examples of what I like and what they seemed to be impressed with as well. Give 'em a play and let me know what you guys think.

Now in all fairness both of my kids like and have heard of Within Temptation. But the group, Sirenia was totally off their radar, as well as a few others on my playlist. The "old man" here felt a little smug at their bafflement and amazement at my musical taste. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


middle child said...

LOVE, LOVE Sirenia. It is awesome!

Just Plain Tired said...

middle child -- Their latest cd has some great music on it.

Smart Ass Sara said...

My music collection has been described as schizophrenic. I'm all over the place. One of my fav bands right now is Manchester Orchestra. I can listen to their "Mean Everything to Nothing" cd on repeat for days and it never gets old for me. But this week it's all about Adele and her great cd. Next week it'll probably be a Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin week since it's been awhile.

darev2005 said...

I had never heard of either of those groups and I think I'll have to expand my horizons some. At work we are constantly talking about music and broadening each others experience. Because of that I have discovered I really like bluegrass. Especially a group called the Cleverlys. They are on YouTube. Check 'em out! Funny cool stuff.

KLZ said...

This makes me wonder what my dad's actually up to on the computer.