Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Queen Of Sound Bites, Bites Again

Sarah Palin bugs me. Not for the reason most people would think though. Unlike most people who she bugs I don't actually consider her stupid. She's definitely not smart enough to lead a nation, but she's not stupid.

What bugs me is that she's smart enough to play off the stupidity of the people who think she's capable of running a nation. She has mastered the art of "sound bites." She can make a simple statement and rile up a following.

What she lacks is answers and solutions.

Anyone can stand in front of a microphone and point out problems. Anyone can point at someone else and play the blame game. Anyone can say, especially after the fact, that they would do something different. I've never seen her list a problem with a detailed plan of action and solution to fix the problem. Of course this doesn't make her much different than the majority of politicians. She's just louder than most.

I honestly believe she's even come to the realization that she's not a viable candidate to become president. Her actions and words are simply a means to keep the money train she's rolling along in to keep paying off. She's banking some serious coin being loud, abrasive, and the queen of sound bites.

Her latest soapbox interview on a Christian Broadcasting Network was released on Saturday. A couple of her statements make little sense, but definitely appeal to her base of followers who cannot think for themselves.

1) She stated that the Obama administration must tell the American people what it knows about who will be Egypt's new leader.

I hate to break it to you Sarah, but who really knows what's going to happen over there? It's a clusterfuck I'd imagine with many factions vying for power over there. I've read several comments made to this news report and it's unbelievable the conclusions her followers have come up with "because they believe Obama is hiding something vital from the American public" about this mess in Egypt. I'm sure she considers this "mission accomplished." I wonder how many politicians from other countries were demanding of their own governments to spill the beans who was going to be our next president prior to the 2008 election?

2) She also stated the U.S. needs to find out who is behind all the turmoil in Egypt and that we should not stand for a government run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

I think it's rather evident who's behind the turmoil. Ultimately it's the current Egyptian government, or rather what's left of it, responsible for the turmoil. You have an oppressed people rising up wanting a better life because of this. While I do agree a government with the Muslim Brotherhood is a concern, and unwanted, who really knows what will happen. I'd also imagine there are people in other countries who didn't like to "stand for a government" led by Obama, nor would some like her as a leader either. Basically it's none of our business who's running a different country when you boil it down. If you think back over the foreign governments we've backed in the past our track record is less than stellar. There was a time we backed Saddam in Iraq and we all know how well that worked out.

3) Lastly, she stated that the U.S. must say who we stand with, and we don't have all that information yet.

How much thought went into that incoherent sentence Sarah? It's not hard to state who we should stand with. We should support an Egyptian government who serves it's nation the best. One who truly takes into account the will of the people, and serves them. It's not rocket science. What she didn't state was what she'd do if a government was placed into power in Egypt that she didn't approve of. What actions would she take, and where would it end? There are several countries across the globe which aren't in America's favor.

She has nothing concrete to offer, unless of course you think sound bites and innuendo are the answers we need. The one thing she does have all figured out is that this type of crap keeps the money rolling in though. We need some intelligence to step forward instead of raw emotional sound bites which mean nothing. She isn't the answer. She's just one of many political hacks running off at the mouth with meaningless rhetoric which stirs up an emotional response from people who seem to think, say, less than clearly.


Bryan M. White said...

Your take on Palin is spot on. I absolutely agree. Yes, she's not quite as dumb as people think or as she appears. She's just catering to the lowest common denominator. She's like the walking embodiment of thoughtless, American ignorance. It's like the people who get misty-eyed over the WORD "freedom", but don't respect it as a working political concept and have no idea what it actually means. It's idiots like "Joe the Plumber" (remember him?) saying that God would protect him while he was traveling in the Middle East. It's an idiotic statement like that that someone says because it sounds nice and righteous, without reflecting on what the logic of such a statement implies about our soldiers who have died over there. I guess God was too busy looking out for Joe's ass.

I agree too with what you said about the next Egyptian leader being none of our business. Again, that's typical of these people, thinking America is the boss of the world. Then they wonder why people don't like us.

In short, yes Sarah Palin might not be a complete idiot; she's just the spokesperson for people who run their mouths without using their brains.

blueviolet said...

You're absolutely right that it's super easy to raise concerns and questions, but the answers to the Egypt crisis are just not that simple.

darev2005 said...

And what's frightening about her is that people actually listen when she speaks. You'd think that after Hitler and Mussolini were finally deposed we would have learned the lesson about demagogues. But then 99% of the people who are considered "respectable" in the media as far as their opinions are practicing little more than demagoguery themselves. Playing on the hopes and fears of people incapable of thinking for themselves.

Dazee Dreamer said...


Smart Ass Sara said...

I think what alarms me the most is that she has followers. People who actually think she has something positive to offer the Country. I mean, jeebus. That is a sad commentary right there.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Absolutely brilliant!!

Gail said...

Sadly, there are many who can stir the pot, but only a few who can make a good stew.