Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some People Can't Just Leave Things Well Enough Alone

It's no secret that the mall marketing bitch person and I don't get along very well at all. I know I posted about a run-in she and I had previously. Perplexing to me is that post is nowhere to be found now to reference to. I don't know if I somehow deleted it or if Blogger somehow ate it.

As a recap she decided that in addition to her marketing duties for the mall she's also in charge of individual store operations as well. As we were shorthanded throughout the Christmas shopping season there were several 12-14 hour work days worked alone in our store. She decided breaks weren't allowed and much to her dismay I didn't bow down to her self delusional authority in this area. She pushed the issue and ended up getting in some hot water when she ran to the mall manager to complain about me. (She forgot there were witnesses to our encounter in December and her version of the confrontation didn't mesh well with mine, nor with the people who witnessed it.)

This thing just hasn't died out yet. In an effort to save face she has told anyone who actually listens to her, her version of the encounter and how she "put me in my place." Now for the most part the people she's told this story to is the maintenance and janitorial staff and other store staff at the opposite end of the mall from our store location. (Her version wouldn't fly at our end of the mall, too many witnesses saw the encounter.)

The mall is an interesting place to work and crap like this just keeps getting recycled. Every few days since we had this run-in someone stops into the store to let me know how her version of the story is evolving. The latest version is that she holds my job in her hands and I'm at her mercy to keep my job. She may rival the ex-Worthless Co-Worker in the stupidity department. I'll say it's been an amusing side show over the last couple of months.

No one actually believes her version of the story as most of the people she talks to know me as well, if not better, than they know her. Contrary to how I may appear in here at times with work issues I'm well liked and even tempered for the most part. I just simply don't tolerate bullshit.

Very few people like this girl in the mall. She's always on some weird power trip and used to getting her way. In reality she's at best inadequate at her job. She gets away with that for one reason only. She's 25-years-old and "hot." Every guy that works in the mall wants to see her. She reduces most of them into drooling babbling idiots. While most of them acknowledge she's a snobby bitch, her looks trump this to many of them. They just simply want to ogle when she walks by.

I'm a few years beyond the drooling and babbling stage when it comes to a pretty face. She's just simply an insecure, self entitled bitch who relies on her looks to get her by in life. Sadly, in many cases this works.

This amusing sideshow moved center stage yesterday. The mall manager stopped into our store to talk about "a problem" that needs resolved. Apparently this girl really holds a grudge. She informed the mall manager that I somehow interfere with her doing her job and that I intimidate and harass her whenever she comes to our end of the mall.

Oddly enough I've only seen this girl one time since we had our little run-in last December. That one time was at least a month ago when I decided to punish myself and go to the other end of the mall to the food court to eat lunch one day. She was heading in my direction and when she saw me approaching her she abruptly turned around and scurried back to her office to avoid me. I haven't seen her at our end of the mall in two months.

I informed the mall manager of this and told him maybe he should check with the other stores at our end of the mall if he wanted to verify this. I told him she's been sorely missed, by a lot of the guys who work at this end of the mall, because they miss seeing "eye candy." Her absence at this end of the mall hasn't gone unnoticed to say the least. Since he's been out of the loop I also informed him of her stories she's told about this incident that occurred in December and that the real reason she hasn't ventured to our end of the mall is that she knows most people are on to her bullshit and she's embarrassed to be seen down here.

He went off to canvas the other stores to verify her absence, then stopped back into the store to inform me he no longer had a problem with me. He had another problem to deal with now as apparently no one recalls seeing her in quite some time at this end of the mall. He also talked to a couple of janitors who told him about her bragging about trying to get me fired as well.

We talked for a few more minutes and the gist of the conversation was that I'll probably not be seeing her again in the mall, at least as someone who's employed by the mall. I was decent enough to tell him that firing her wasn't absolutely necessary if he could just simply tell her to keep her trap shut, do her job, and that I couldn't care less if she comes to this end of the mall because she means nothing to me and has no affect on me. I don't interact with people who I dislike unless they choose to speak to me first. Intimidating or harassing petulant little girls isn't my style.

I don't believe he thinks she's worth the trouble to keep employed though. We'll see what happens.


Gail said...

That is a sure case of give some one enough rope, they will hang themselves. She must really have some self worth issues.

I envy your honesty and dream of being able to speak so openly to people.

Let me just say, working for the general public is a rewarding job and on the other hand, a job that trains me well to bite my tongue.

Dazee Dreamer said...

what a total nutcase she is. but, she's another one that is good for some posts.

one day, I'm going to show up wherever you live and come to your mall. be afraid, be very afraid. :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

All of your work stories make me want to work in a mall. Specifically this mall. It would be the best work experience showcasing crazy ever. Granted, working in a college bookstore has it's perks of crazy too. Like the life time students. That's a fun crowd.

KLZ said...

I love that one of your tags is idiots. Some people really do need a good slapping.

darev2005 said...

Those of us who live on writing about stupid people are so very glad that there are so very many of them. Makes you want to put on a super hero suit with a big red "D" on the chest. "I'm Dipsnit Man! Wherever there is stupidity, I'll be there..."

Diabolical Me said...

I remember reading the post you wanted to reference. If she did get fired, you should throw a going away/good luck party just to be ironic.

Sarahf said...

Your mall sounds like an intersting place to work. It sounds like that girl needs to learn to let things go.

The Reckmonster said...

Tee hee hee...your posts like this always leave me giggling!! And BTW...I LOATHE bimbettes that get by on their looks and nothing else. It's nice when they get put in their place. Bravo, man. I say, BRAVO!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, if he wants to fire her, I say step aside!!!

simply kim said...

hehehe... that was fun! now who was 'put to her place?'

Nezzy said...

This is one chick who knows that no boss needs that kinda of troublemaker on the payroll. There are too many good people seekin' jobs.

I'm thrilled everything turned out for ya. Just think of what a wonderful place it will be without someone lurkin' 'round the corner to stir thing up.

God bless and have an incredible day!!! :o)

Jessica B said...

It amazes me when people have to continue to rehash crap and try to twist facts to get people on their side. Could she be any more childish??

That girl sure needs to grow up, or this won't be the only job she's fired from.