Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Observations

1) Rumor had it the Oscar's were awarded last night. I've never watched an Oscar program in the 51 years I've been on this planet. I've just never been able to drum up any interest in this yearly event for some reason. No hate here or dissing, just no interest.

2) Fox Faux News is looking to do an exclusive report on the incivility of the people in Wisconsin protesting the controversial bill to essentially bust unions in Madison the last couple of weeks. It's gotten so out of hand that there hasn't been one arrest. But they have to pander to their uninformed and biased viewers I guess.

3) Has Charlie Sheen made Mel Gibson look like a nice guy after his incoherent ranting of the past week? Now he states that the only way he'll return to the show is if he gets a raise from 1.8 million dollars per episode to 3 million dollars. He figures its it owed to him due to what the show has put him through lately. Delusional antics at its best.

4) Back to the mess in Madison. Gov. Walker wants you to believe that taxpayers are on the hook for state employee pension plans. A blatant lie as the employees contribute 100% to this fund from their own wages. The media hasn't covered this aspect so it's no wonder some people are up in arms over this issue. Quite frankly, the unions have agreed to all wage and benefit cuts proposed by the Governor. What they don't want to lose is collective bargaining rights. Walker refuses to compromise as his ultimate goal is to bust unions to please big business interests and corporations. The pension facts are covered nicely here. And here.

5) Bernie Madoff refers to the U.S. government as a Ponzi scheme. Laughable on one hand. But then when you consider that Madoff is the master of Ponzi schemes perhaps he knows what he's talking about.

6) Taylor Swift seems like a sweet girl and genuinely a nice person. I can't honestly see the singing talent myself but then that may just be me. The one thing I've noticed over the past year, or so, is the number of guys she's been linked with. I'm thinking she's a little too dependent and needy in this area myself. Maybe someone needs to tell her there's nothing wrong with taking a break and being single isn't necessarily a bad thing. But then again thinking that I'm exceedingly happy as a single person doesn't necessarily equate to other people being happy single, even if only temporarily.

7) Gas prices have risen approximately 10% in the last two weeks. Economists have predominantly blamed this on the mess in Libya. I'm having a little trouble with the math on this one. Libya produces 1.8% of the world oil supply and Saudia Arabia has raised their output by 8% to pick up this 1.8% slack. Why the 10% increase in prices at the pump?

8) Did anyone else have a Hershey's candy bar for breakfast today? Didn't think so.


darev2005 said...

1. I've never watched them either, that I can recall. No real interest in celebrity fooferaw.

2. It's obvious who is paying their bills, isn't it? So much for 'fair and unbiased', eh?

3. I think Dennis Quaid has a reservation for him in Vancouver. They could be neighbors!

4. Sounds like the Gov pretty much started this whole mess. Maybe a motion to impeach is in order?

5. The man knows his cons, doesn't he?

6. Some people just don't feel complete without a partner, I guess. Maybe she would have better luck getting a cat.

7. I'm surprised they didn't blame it on the unrest in Wisconsin! Who do they think they are fooling?

8. So far all I have had for breakfast is vitamins. I'm sure your hershey bar tasted better.

blueviolet said...

I saw Charlie Sheen's interview on The Today Show today and it was disturbing. This is way beyond addiction now. He appears to be completely unbalanced, and it was painful to watch.

If we're told gas prices are going up, the gas companies WILL raise those prices to accommodate us. They're nice like that.

WhisperingWriter said...

Gas prices are starting to make me cranky.

Same with Charlie Sheen.

Jessica B said...

I agree about Taylos Swift - she just seems young and inexperienced -- definitely too needy to make something work long term at this point imo.

I also agree about Charlie Sheen -- he's lucky things have rolled his way all of these years, I'm pretty sure he needs some serious help.

And I too have never watched a Grammy or Emmy or Tony or any of those award shows, ever. I just don't have the patience to sit through the boring parts!

Gail said...

Sadly, I actively try to leave my head in the sand but the chocolate bar for breakfast sounds wonderful.

ChiTown Girl said...

You had a Hershey bar for breakfast!? Lucky duck!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

well, not a hersey's. but I did just have a white chocolate kit-kat for dinner. oh, they are num.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Well Walker came to Superior (in a private jet) for a 10 minute "news conference" that the Superior paper didn't know about. Nor did the Duluth paper. Waste of money??

And Taylor Swift. Help me Jeebus. She really can't sing worth a damn and I'd like to know if people feel cheated when they leave a concert. Because when she sang on some awards show I felt I should have gotten a discount on my cable.

KLZ said...

I totally agree about the ponzi scheme. I told my husband recently "I wouldn't mind paying our tax increase if I didn't know it's just gonna get stolen."

About Last Weekend said...

This is the funniest blog I've been to in six months! Oscars: I didn't watch a second of it. Have gone off movies since George Clonney expected us to pay tow awtch him doing metalwork (The American) But I think Christmas Cds are the gauge of talent. Bought Taylor's one last Xmas for my nine year old daughter and it was ghastly - she can't sing.

Anita said...

Good commentary! You need your own news show. :)