Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Random Ridiculous Crap

1) The lure of plastic, as in a credit card, seems to know no bounds to some people. First Premier Bank offers a credit card to people with less than stellar credit. It's a credit card with a typical credit limit set at $300.00 and an interest rate of 79.9%. There's also fees of $135.00 per year to own the card as well. The fees include $45.00 to open the account, an annual fee of $30.00 the first year, and a monthly fee of $6.25 for the pleasure of having this card. (The annual fee goes up the second year.)

Oddly enough (to me at least) this card has proven very popular to people. The CEO of First Premier Bank said while the card was popular the majority of people who had one ran it up to the credit limit, then defaulted on it. (Big surprise there, huh?)  A person can have several opinions or thoughts about this I guess. Two come to mind here. One being, how desperate do you have to be to want a credit card with an interest rate of 79.9%? The other thought is that a large default rate isn't surprising to me. I would think most people who would accept a card with this interest rate and fees probably have little to no intention of paying their bill. I can't feel sorry for the bank though. I'm sure the minority who do actually pay on time still allow this bank to swing a profit.

2) In regard to my last post -- the silly little mall marketing girl was terminated. (Almost forgot about that.)

3)  The last few days of work have been strange. I've had random high school and college aged girls who work in the mall randomly greet me when they see me at work. Some of the girls I know, some I don't. The weird part of the greeting is the word "Dad" they've thrown into their "hi's" and "hello's." All I get is a big smile and no explanation from them when I ask them why the "Dad" is thrown in there.

I ate lunch with Jackie today and when I told her about this she about died with laughter, then refused to tell me what the hell was going on until we were about done eating. A few years ago the girls who worked in the mall decided to take a poll about who was the creepiest guy who worked in the mall. Over the years this poll has taken on quite a new life and now they vote using several categories describing guys in the mall. Some flattering, some not so much as far as the categories goes.

I won the home away from home "Dad" award for some reason. My boss won the "Flirt" award. The "Creep" award was won by the guy who I've always referred to as "ex-convict" who works for the Gold Buyer's kiosk. He's a combination thug, wannabe gang banger I've marveled at keeping his job. Some of the other categories were "Old Pervert", "Hot Guy", "Geek", etc....

When I asked Jackie how she voted she said she didn't get to vote. Apparently this is confined to the younger generation. She just happened to have a couple of college girls working for her this year in her store and knew about the results because of this. She did say had she been able to vote the proper category for me was not listed that she'd use. Apparently "Pain In The Ass" wasn't a category. Given our history, I can't argue with that one I guess.

Silly girls anyway..... and there better not be any child support involved in this or I'm going to ask for a recount or new election. Of course with my luck, if I were to complain I'd probably get recast as the "Old Pervert." Maybe I'll just grin and bear it for now.


Gaijin Wife said...

hi 'dad'
Although I'm pretty sure I'm too old to vote but how fuckin sweet is that? come on, tell us you're not that little bit chuffed?

And are you for real about the 79% on that credit card? How dumb are some people. That is bloody insane.

ChiTown Girl said...

That whole credit card thing just bugs my ass. With all these assbags defaulting on these cards, guess who gets to pick up the slack! Those of us who are financially responsible STILL get screwed!

Have a great Friday, Daddy-o!

Life 101 said...

I'm with you dad. If I worked there, I'm sure I'd be grandpa as I have no hair and a grey beard :)

Judy said...

Haven't been to a mall in a while...lots of young kids hangin' around???

darev2005 said...

If I worked there I'd probably get voted "The cross between Timothy Leary and Frank Zappa with a touch of Tommy Chong Dude." At least, that's how I picture myself some days. In reality I would probably end up being the "Old Pervert". Sigh. Too bad about the marketing chick. She was a good foil to work off of.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I think it is really cool you are known as "dad". I would get the "bitch" award. :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

I'd probably be awarded "mouthy". I tend to get mouthy when I'm around stupid people. But I'm awesome at customer service. So I'm not really sure how that works.

Jessica B said...

I can't believe she was fired!!

Yay for you!

Half the time people talk big but when it comes right down to it, they feel guilty and don't pull the trigger.

--on a side note, I can't ever reply to your comments because you are a "no-reply" commenter, and don't have an email linked to your commenting thing. So I hope you don't think that I don't aknowdlege what you've commented! I read every single comment. Also, I wish I new at least your FIRST name. I also realize that I just said comment about 50 times.