Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Can't Decide If People Piss Me Off Or Sadden Me

People bother me lately. I'm totally confused with the stupidity, rudeness, and self entitlement exhibited by people I've run into the last week or so.

Example One:

The entrance to the mall where I work has three receptacles for cigarette butts. Three receptacles which see very little use. One on each side of the doors entering the mall and one located next to a bench people use while waiting for the city bus to come. They're not hidden and they're strategically placed for ease of use.

When I'm outside I'll see people walking up to enter the mall glance around looking for a place to put out their cigarettes and despite the fact that there are three receptacles in sight they still throw them down at their feet as they enter the mall. I've even pointed them out as I see people looking for a place to put out their butts and they still throw them down on the ground. They can't seem to be bothered with veering to their left, or right, a couple of steps to properly dispose them. 'Effin pigs.

Example Two:

Handicapped parking has become a joke. We have ample handicapped parking and quite frankly most of the people using it have no business using it. They deny the spaces for people who genuinely need it. Mall walkers are the biggest abusers of these parking spaces. Many of them make 5 "laps" around the mall which encompasses walking approximately 3 miles and they have to park in a handicapped space? Sorry, in my opinion if you can walk 3 miles daily you don't need to park in a handicapped spot.

I've seen people park in these spots and get out of their cars and literally run into the mall as well. I told one person a few days ago that I wished I was as handicapped as she was. She could outrun me. This went totally over her head. My guess is she was simply driving someone else's car with the handicapped plates and took advantage of the parking space, thus denying the space to someone who truly needs it.

I know there are people who are truly disabled and need these parking spaces. My guess is that 50% of people who have a handicapped plate/sticker don't deserve it. It's too easy to go to a doctor and whine about a "disability" and get approved for a handicap plate/sticker. We've become a nation of wimps, self entitled wimps at that.

Example Three:

We had an idiot customer enter the store on Wednesday. (C'mon people, you had to know an idiot customer was going to appear here, right?)

While I say idiot customer he didn't buy anything in our store. He had to stop in and complain about our company because he bought one of our products at another store approximately 75 miles from us. In his opinion we are a shifty and deceptive retail store and have ripped him off.

His complaint?

We have a referral program that if you buy our product and recommend our product to someone else, and they buy as well, (and keep product), you earn gift certificates. There's no limit to the program. We've had numerous people use this program and I've had people come in the store with $200 worth of gift certificates to use for referring people to our products. Quite frankly it's a nice program.

This mental giant of course didn't think so. He told me he had personally sent a dozen people into our store in the last month alone and had never gotten credit for a gift certificate. When I asked him for names he provided me with 4 names. At this point I was taking him relatively seriously, so I looked up the four names in our system and they weren't there.

I then asked him what they bought here. His reply, "Nothing."

Well, Mr. Rocket Scientist Customer, they have to buy something. This was explained to him and he went off the deep end. It was an incredible moment of stupidity on display. I asked him if he really believed that just by sending someone into the store that he was going to get something, for nothing? Apparently so. When I asked him if he read the terms of the policy he said yes, and that he fully understood them, and we were out to "screw" him over. I couldn't even get mad at this guy. I just simply told him to leave, and maybe reread the policy, that he actually signed as a part of his receipt.

So he leaves the store and sits on a bench in front of our store and every 1 or 2 minutes starts shouting to people walking by not to enter our store because we're evil, the devil, shysters, etc.... We were honestly amused by this as were most people walking by it appeared. Mall security finally walked by and asked the guy to leave the mall.

The only thing I can come up with is that Darwin's Theory has in itself become obsolete. Modern science/medicine has kept dumb people alive much longer than they should have survived with the stupidity they possess.


Charlene said...

I HATE cigarette butts or other trash that gets tossed outside.

We had a guy come to the business to call on us selling courier service. He was driving a current model large Cadillac. He was well dressed and neatly groomed. I spent fifteen minutes talking to him and told him to send me a price list, but honestly I was satisfied with the service we used. He had parked right in front of the door to the lobby and another employee's office window looked out to that area. When he got back in his car he leaned over and took out the ash tray drawer and dumped the full thing onto the parking lot next to the edge of his car.

The employee came into my office and told me asking who the guy was. I asked her to describe him and it was the courier sales guy. I waited about an hour and called his office and asked for him and told him I wouldn't be considering his service and what he had done. He told me my employee was a liar and it wasn't him. Of course I could see the pile of butts right where he had parked.

knancy said...

I have come to the conclusion that we live in a trash bin. People just throw there trsh randomly as they walk or drive around. I don't even like to walk any more due to all the trash litter around. Now to go beyond discarded paper trash (usually food wrappers of some kind), there is actual food leftovers, dirty diapers, half empty soda/juice bottles, etc. And what is up with all of this spitting everywhere? It is disgusting and very unhealthy! My shoes come off at my front door. I am terrified of what my shoes may have come into contact with out there!

Dazee Dreamer said...

omg I totally understand the cigarette butt thing. But my beef is employees that can not even get their empty sugar packets into the garbage which is only an arms length away from the coffee maker. errrr

Bouncin' Barb said...

I loved your post. It's so true isn't it? And this was just a few examples. The list goes on and on.

KLZ said...

We have become a nation of wimps.

So true. So true.

Worse? It's illegal to beat some sense into those wimps.

Survival of the fittest my sweet behind.

gaijinwife said...

here here. He should definitely have been cast off the survival list by now. Good amusement for you.

Hey, my friend Emma, she went into your store yesterday. Oh, and my sister in law's cousin Thomas, well he's 'thinking' about going there tomorrow...

darev2005 said...

Hey if it wasn't for the monumentally stupid, I would be out of a job. And if it wasn't for airhead as*holes, I wouldn't have a thing to write about.

Alicia said...

I HATE when people park in disabled parking when they shouldn't. A lady I worked with a while back twisted her ankle and kept reapplying for disabled parking for 8 MONTHS. The building we worked at didn't have a ton of disabled parking and there were numerous times that I saw elderly customers circle the lot a few times before having to park further away and hobble in. I pulled a 2nd grade move and totally tattled on the bitch. Now she works at Wal-Mart. JUSTICE IS SWEET!

Gail said...

I work for the postal service so I can agree with this post.

Ben Reinhardt said...

Oh man. The public just sucks to an unbelievable degree. I was a cashier, which is like getting paid for people to hate you, and I also was a guitar repair tech. People can be so illogical and irrational. But it makes for great blog fodder :P

Sandra said...

I honestly don't know how you manage to keep your cool day in and day out while "Idiot Customer," and you know you got one every day in and day out, is ruling the world!
You are a Saint right? Halo? Wings sprouted yet? THey will.

Sparkling Red said...

I agree. Natural selection isn't as effective as it used to be back in the olden days...