Friday, October 1, 2010


It takes so very little to make me happy. I'm basically a very content person. No huge mood swings. No temper tantrums. I don't panic and I'm probably best described as level headed and simplistic.

(Simplistic shouldn't be confused with simple though. I have skills. I can count past 10 without removing my shoes. I always place shoes on the correct foot. I can even tie my shoes, in double knots, if that's called for, and my socks always match. Feel free to revel in my brilliance. These are just a few of the complicated skills I've conquered.)

But I have to confess that I'm disappointed right now. I dare say saddened with the state of affairs around here.

As some of you know it's been a mess here at the homestead. A mess that was supposed to be wrapped up yesterday. But no, definitely not wrapped up.

I drove home from work last night with the same anticipation kids reserve for Christmas morning. I knew when I got home that the carpet replacement was going to be finished. And I was looking forward to getting furniture back where it belonged. Instead I unpacked the packed away computer so I could write this whiny-ass post.

(It's all about you folks, because I know I can turn to you in a crisis for the proper support, and stuff.)


As I entered the door I was struck by the bareness of the floor. I even blinked a couple of times to no avail. Carpet replacement wasn't completed. Then I saw a piece of paper on the kitchen counter. A piece of paper that wasn't there when I left for work. So I shuffled over to see what was written on it. It was a note from the building manager/maintenance dude and read:

"Carpet people didn't come today."

Well gee-effin-golly-whiz. Without that note how would I have ever figured that out on my own?

A few thoughts crossed my mind, in no certain order, such as:

1) Well that's good to know, because without this note I might have thought they did come and simply drank all of my beer.

2) I must remember to thank him for the note and assuming that I needed help in figuring out that they weren't here.

3) When the eff are they coming? This must be classified information and I've been cut off of the "need to know" list.

I dunno. Maybe since I'm not a simple person and he knows how important and busy I am he's just sparing me from mundane little details. Who really wants to know this type of stuff anyway?


Jane said...

I hope that the carpet folks show up today!


Just Plain Tired said...

Jane -- Me too.

ChiTown Girl said...

Hmmmm....I glad you weren't left to your own devices to try and solve the Mystery of the Missing Carpet. That might have caused a brain sprain, and we couldn't have that happen!

I'll be sending you lots of good vibes, and I hope you come home to some carpeting today. If it's not there, remember to look for a note!! ;-)

darev2005 said...

All you can really do is sigh and roll your eyes and cling to a small hope that it will be finished soon. And keep performing your simple tasks in the interim, of course. Carpet layers, like most contractors, are notoriously flighty.

Just Plain Tired said...

ChiTown Girl -- I'm gonna depend on a note for sure.

darev2005 -- Yup. While I'm a bit pissed I know it's futile and a waste of time to make a big deal out of it. I was just really looking forward to getting the place back to normal. Maybe tonight?

Debbie said...

It would frustrate me TO NO END! I once had a similar experience with a hardwood floor. I had even left work early to let them in. Nothing. No show.

But at least no stupid note.

I hope you have been news today.
I get it...

Just Plain Tired said...

Debbie -- I'm hoping when I return home from work tonight it'll be done. So far they're a no show today, but I'm hoping they'll be this afternoon.

Charlene said...

Well the only positive thing I can say is, at least you didn't have to move furniture last night. Maybe if you're really lucky you will have to tonight!

Just Plain Tired said...

Charlene -- I'm hoping. I don't want to spend the weekend with the place looking like a disaster area.

gaijinwife said...

here's to the carpet fairies appearing soon - followed in quick succession by the 'replace the beer stock' fairies.

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope they come today!!

BeMistified said...

Ugh! This is a "here's your sign" moment for your manager/maintenance people.