Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I May Be Here, Or I May Not

I just discovered the blogger feature that allows scheduling of future posts in less than three weeks of blogging here. Less. Than. Three. Weeks. People. Wow, huh?

(Yeah, I'm quick like that, don't hate my brilliance.)

And this post is a result of this knowledge.

As some of you know there was a little snafu at the homestead here recently. For those who don't, and have a few minutes of their life to waste, you can go here to get up to speed on it.

So I may be offline today. (Well not today for me. Today is actually yesterday for me. But today for you.)

But I wanted to leave some words in here for you to see. Even if it's a craptacular post as this. I'm thoughtful like that, and stuff.

If I'm offline I'll spend time catching up with all your doings tomorrow, or Friday. Because with my luck, Thursday may come and things won't be completed here by then either.

And there will be a post tomorrow regardless, this scheduling posts for future reading is a hoot, or something.



ChiTown Girl said...

You are so freakin' hilarious!! I've totally been loving starting my mornings with you lately. It's the perfect way to start my day. Especially a VACATION day. ;-)

Congrats on navigating your way around blogger so quickly - NOT!

I hope the flood situation is getting better. Maybe we'll get a 'live' post tomorrow. :)

Oh, and finally, you just scored MAJOR points for the 'ciao.' We all know there are only 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who are Italian, and those who WISH they were. Ciao, Bello!

Just Plain Tired said...

ChiTown Girl -- Way to put a smile on my face today. It's looking more like tomorrow will be a day of little to no computer time. Flooring work commences today though.

Anne Mateer said...

I had to laugh when I read this. I use the scheduling feature all the time. It keeps me sane! But one of my aunts got concerned because my post times were always 3 or 4am. She thought I was still sitting at my computer in those early morning hours! When I explained about scheduling my posts, she was quite relieved.

Just Plain Tired said...

Anne Mateer -- I have a feeling I'll be making use of the feature often.

darev2005 said...

One of these days I may have to look into that future posting thing. Maybe if I write them during the day when I am a little more awake instead of in the middle of the night when i get home from work my posts would be more coherent. Then again, it might just change my writing style completely.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

There is a schedule feature???? I need to brush up on my Blogger skills! :-)

Alicia said...

You found it faster than me! (as in I had no idea that it existed...)

Good luck with the fixing of your floors! One of my friend's parents' house had a pipe burst last weekend and it took out essentially the entire house because it's a rambler. Apparently the pipes are revolting nation wide.

Just Plain Tired said...

darev2005 -- It seems to be a handy feature.

BBL -- lol, brush away!

Alicia -- Your comment makes me feel a whole lot smarter. (okay, not really) I hope your parents get their placed back to normal quickly!

Mustang Sally said...

You're just like the Cheshire Cat ... might be here, might not ... and always the grinning LOL.

I've heard about that scheduled post
feature but haven't tried using it yet.

Hope your apt. is put back together quickly.

Just Plain Tired said...

Mustang Sally -- Still here, and patiently awaiting the attack launch of the carpet/floor people. Leaving for work soon though. Hopefully when I return home tonight there will be progress to cast adoring eyes upon.

My guess is tomorrow I won't be on the computer much, if at all.

Sandra said...

I'm aware of that little function that allows us to post in advance even when we are MIA, but I don't have your kind of brilliance to know what I'm going to write about before hand. I need to sit before my computer for hours going, "...hmmmm..." I'm so glad you can chew gum and walk at the same time. Some of us have to take the gum out of our mouthes. I hope everything is getting sorted out on the homefront. Has your home ceased to be a pool yet?

Anita said...

You'll be the blogger expert shortly, and we'll all be asking for tips! :)

Sarahf said...

There's a scheduling feature? Why did I not know this? How? Where? Help me!!

Just Plain Tired said...

Sandra -- You should probably be glad you don't have my kind of brilliance, and stuff. ;)

Anita -- My head is swelling. Okay maybe not.

Sarahf -- When you're writing a post at the bottom of the post window there's an option tab you can hit and you'll see the option to post automatically, or to schedule.

Mustang Sally said...
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