Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Open Letter To Senate Republicans (for the most part)

Dear Republican Senators,

I see that you've blocked legislation that would have repealed the law banning gays from serving openly in the military. Frankly, that's no surprise here. But I have questions, and issues, on your stance against this segment of the population in general.

I'll be right up front in stating that I share your bewilderment of homosexuality. I can't comprehend it myself. I feel no attraction to other men. Now women, oh yeah, there's plenty of attraction there. But this is the only thing we have in common, or share if you will. But just because I don't understand it, doesn't mean I'm going to pass prejudicial legislation because I don't like it, or approve it, nor understand it.

See, I try to be a fair guy. These folks are US citizens who pay their taxes, support themselves and family just like you and me. Many of them make wonderful contributions to society in the form of charity work, or charitable contributions.

I know, I know, it's all about the fact that you see this as a sin. You're basing your thoughts and actions on this fact. (At least you feel this is a fact.) You're hiding behind religion because this is an issue that disgusts you. And hey, it's alright to be disgusted by it. That's a right you have in a free country. But I know we protect religious freedom in this country. Let me tell you something, there are a lot of nutbag religions out there that actually disgust me. But again, they're protected by the Constitution, and that's part of what makes our country great.

But getting to the crux of what bothers me is basing legislation on sin. You're not playing fair here. If you want to base legislation on sin let's go the whole route, not cherry pick what simply disgusts you. To pass prejudicial laws preventing a segment of our population from enjoying the same rights as other Americans is un-American.

Whether it's serving in the military, marriage rights, adoption rights, etc you don't play nice. Just think of the 10 commandments. If you're going to base legislation on sin how weak would our military all of a sudden be if sinners couldn't serve? How many marriages could honestly be sanctioned if a sinner couldn't get, or stayed married? How many of you hypocrites could actually be married? How many children would languish in need of adoption if a sinner couldn't adopt them?

Where is the legislation banning the marriage right to murderers? How about pedophiles? How about adulterers? Thieves? You get the picture.

I'd like to see you justify this. I'll patiently await your answer.

Respectively waiting,
Just Plain Tired


ChiTown Girl said...

Amen, my brotha, amen!

darev2005 said...

I openly support a total ban on military service for anyone with any sort of political or religious affiliation.

Just Plain Tired said...

ChiTown Girl -- Thanks!

darev2005 -- That type of ban would weaken the military too. ;)

KLZ said...

Here's the thing.

Ah, I have many things on this topic.

So I'll just say this: It's unfair to base legislature on religion. Because that's sort of why our country was founded - to avoid that.

And really, do you think the gays in the military are really all that "hidden" now? No one knows? Bull.

Jessica B said...

Awesome post. I am with you 100%.

Just Plain Tired said...

KLZ -- The religious aspect was based on religious freedom, not denying rights because of religious beliefs. That's a little different than how the politicians are treating it. (I think we're in agreement on this.)

And I'm sure most gays in the military aren't in hiding. ;)

Jessica B -- Thanks! I'm with me 100% too! :))

Kassie said...

Great post!! My favorite part is the tag "Idiots".

tattytiara said...

Yes. Very, very well put.

Charlene said...

I don't think gay people are not known to those they fight, work and live with in the military. But the rule is you are not to admit it. There's also the problem with a fellow soldier or person in the organization that gets a bee in their bonnet about the gay soldier and outs them. There are gay soldiers who have had their e.mail and private communications turned in to commanding officers who then feel the need to handle it by kicking them out. I think it's a sign of his basic clueless nature that John McCain said recently they didn't do that. There are several examples of them doing that!

Are you aware that the suit to overturn the DADT rule was brought by a group of Republicans called the Log Cabin Republicans, who are gay and Republican, though of course not Senators. That's the case where the CA Judge overturned the rule recently.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Amen to that, well said!

SY said...

This is so wonderful.. I don't understand how a country that has fought so many fights for freedom could deny any more of it's citizens FREEDOM

Just Plain Tired said...

Kassie -- Thanks!

tattytiara -- Appreciate the comment.

Charelene -- I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info.

IGA -- Thank you.

SY -- That's my thinking as well.