Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes, Stupid, Your Driving Habits Do Affect Me

Speed limits are in place for a reason. I don't care if you're running late for work, supper, a date, etc. Your speeding, darting in and out of traffic, gunning the engine to pick up a few precious seconds is the thought process and actions of a total moron. Your total disregard for the safety of other traffic and pedestrians makes you a moron of the highest degree.

Chances are, if you're running late for work, it's a habit for you. Set your damn alarm 15 minutes earlier, get your shit together, and drive like a responsible citizen. It's not rocket science.

Putting aside the safety aspect is the cost factor.

And yes, your driving habit does cost me more money at the gas pump.

I read a study, many years ago, that stated that if everyone simply drove the speed limit, accelerated and decelerated at reasonable rates, the fuel savings would be approximately 17%. That's 17% less fuel we'd be depending on from the Middle East. Less fuel consumption also means lower gas prices at the pump. In other words, your actions cost me more money because you can't get your shit together, or have no regard for others.

I see this crap every day. The road I travel to work has synchronized stoplights. You can't beat them. But day in and day out some idiot, or several idiots, race between them because, while I'm only hazarding a guess here, is their desire to sit at a red light longer than me. While they're racing to sit longer at a stoplight than me and we traverse down the road we all get to the same area at about the same time. The only difference is that responsible drivers are doing it more safely, and using less fuel in the process, and saving wear and tear on their vehicles. (Which, for the morons out there, translates into saving money. I know, I know, a novel thought and one they don't seem to grasp.)

So how about getting your act together and start driving responsibly? (And who knows, the money you save can be used to further your education and possibly elevate your intelligence level a step or two above that of a moron.)


darev2005 said...

It's like a voice from my own mind. Just with everything spelled correctly. Don't stop!

Just Plain Tired said...

darev2005 -- Thanks! I hope to keep blogging with plenty of rants about this type of thing in the future. There's plenty of it available.