Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yahoo Sports Blogs/Forums

What a total waste of time.

Here it is football season with college football in full swing.

I usually peruse Yahoo sports for scores and stories on the games I miss and can't help but find myself reading the comments made to the stories/blogs posted. But I get quickly turned off by the display of idiots with a keyboard and moronic comments.

The anonymity of the Internet makes for some brave souls with their comments. Brave, yet stupid. Along with the stupidity is the racist comments as well. No one seems to discuss a game rationally. Even if a comment is not racial or stupid you have a certain segment who has to make a comment totally irrelevant to the post. I don't read a sports story to see a political diatribe.

They ought to just disable commenting on sports stories/blogs. Why perpetuate and tacitly condone this idiocy?


darev2005 said...

If we didn't allow morons on the internet, they'd be out in the streets. And there's already enough of them out there. At least it keeps them indoors where they aren't so visible.

Just Plain Tired said...

darev2005 -- There's always a silver lining if you look hard enough. I hadn't considered how many idiots the internet kept off the streets. ;)

From Tracie said...

LOL at keeping the idiots off the streets. I never thought of it that way either.

Seriously that does sound awful. I think I will take this as a warning and stay away from these sports forums.

Just Plain Tired said...

Tracie -- Try as I might I still feel some weird compulsion to see what the idiots are spewing after reading an article. But the streets are probably safer. :)