Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Don't Do Crazy And Biased People Well

This has been a crazy week, even by my standards. I think every time I've stepped out in public I've been accosted by every degenerate on Earth.

(It's also possible the percentage hasn't really changed much, it's just being short-handed at work puts me out in public more than I'm used to.

Or perhaps I'm just more tired and my zero tolerance for bullshit is even less than zero these past few days.)

Monday was a nice day here, especially for the 1st of November. I think it hit almost hit 70 degrees. I decided to take my gourmet lunch, comprising of two bologna sandwiches (with real Kraft cheese slices), Pringles, Oreo cookies, and diet Coke outside to eat.

We have two picnic tables at the end of the sidewalk to nowhere at work. As I stepped outside I saw one was occupied by two young Vietnamese women who work at the Nail Salon, and the other was empty. So I hoofed it over to the empty table and spread out my feast.

Now I like these Vietnamese women (and the guys) who work at this Nail Salon. They're always friendly and polite. They also work their asses off with little time off. I've taken the time to get to know them and admire how family oriented they are. They're not only supporting themselves but usually supporting parents at home in Vietnam. When they're outside they're generally on the phone with family from there as well.

(Plus one of them was the Pretty Vietnamese lady, mentioned in a previous post in here somewhere, who seems to take great joy in feeding me from time to time. I also knew that when she saw what I was eating she'd be horrified, and would be whipping up some exotic Vietnamese meal for me later in the week. For some reason she feels I eat rather poorly and feels obligated to feed me with what she considers healthier type cuisine I guess.)

So I'm sitting there eating and they're chattering on their cell phones. Listening to them always amuses me when they're speaking to family. I don't understand a word they're saying, but it's all said at warp speed.

Things were progressing swimmingly until a slovenly woman approached the table I was sitting at and sat at the other side of it. She sat there staring at the two Vietnamese women with a scowl on her face. She then decided to open her mouth and try to talk to me. The following was the brief conversation that took place.

(Not word for word by any means, but close. It's been a few days but I remember it pretty well, and she pissed me off.)

Slovenly Woman: Just look at them!
Me: What?
Slovenly Woman: English people! English! It's America.
Me: I hate to break this to you lady but we also believe in freedom of speech, and there's no restrictions on the language.
Slovenly Woman: Haven't you heard of terrorism? They could be terrorists. They need to speak English.
Me: Are you serious?
Slovenly Woman: Them damn Muslims and 9-11, remember that?
Me: Yup. Vividly.
Slovenly Woman: Well that's why they need to speak English. We can't be too careful with foreigners
Me: So you think these two manicurist's are plotting to blow us up?
Slovenly Woman: You have to be careful. They could be saying anything.
Me: They speak English just fine.
Slovenly Woman: Well, they need to speak English all the time.
Me: Lady, they're talking to people who don't understand English. It's their parents native tongue. I suggest you get away from me. You're an idiot.
Slovenly Woman: You'll see some day. Terrorists don't speak English and look what they've done to us.
Me: Lady, do you remember 9-11? Those terrorists spoke English and were trained to fly planes in Florida prior to taking out the towers, pentagon, and the plane in Pennsylvania. 
Slovenly Woman: Yeah, right.
Me: Lady, get the fuck away from me. It's ignorant assholes like you who make me sick. Turn off Fox News and try to educate yourself. Remember Timothy McVeigh?
Slovenly Woman: Who?
Me: Just get away from me.

There were a few more choice words said, mostly from her, showing ever more ignorance, but she did leave. It's three days later and I'm still pissed at her and her ignorance.


Gail said...

I can relate, sometimes working with the general public is a soul-wrenching task.

Here's to a good day with only the best of people.

JY said...

Unfortunately there are too many of those people in the US.... I love the US and am a proud American, but those kinds of people are shameful... especially when living as an expat overseas... ugh... Good for you and your "conversation" with that idiot woman....

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

As an Ex-pat living overseas for thirty years now I just have to shake my head at the ignorance of people. I've traveled all over the world-literally-and have learned to love the diversity of culture on this planet. Too bad we still have Neanderthals like this running around- sometimes I think they are more dangerous than the terrorists. My bullshit meter would have also gone off the charts. Thumbs up for knocking her down a few rungs.

SY said...

Thank you for telling that ignorant woman to get the fuck away from you.. Ok, Freedom of speech is not limited to english speakers and if she were in Vietnam around English speakers I would bet that she would speak in English..

Ugh.. great post.. nice read

Smart Ass Sara said...

God Bless America, our news system AND our education system. We aren't failing at all. LOL. :)

People like her are what made radical groups in this country. While it'd be boring without them, the progress we could make without them is astounding.

Dazee Dreamer said...

god, I hate people like that. And good for you. More people need to stick up for others.

BeMistified said...

You rock! People like her are the reason that other countries and nationalities look down upon Americans. Ignorant assholes.

Charlene said...

Good lord!

At the polls Tuesday we had a new worker for the GOP side. In the first hour we had a woman come in dressed in traditional head dress and the usual slacks and top. After she signed the book and left with her ballot, the new worker said: "Wouldn't you think she could vote in an election here dressed without the head gear?"

Her voice was not kind. I said, "I like it she's dressed that way. Then we all know who they are!!!!" I put a maniacal grin on my face when I said it. The new worker found a way to get to the other side of another worker. No telling what she said about ME!!!

If only the bigots and ignorant had to wear a sign.

darev2005 said...

We should combine the words ignorant and bigot into one new all-encompassing word. Bignorant. Then spray paint it on each of them as we find them as a warning for others.

Christy said...

It is terrible when people like that are so hateful and yet so unaware. I do hope you are able to let go of the anger you are feeling though. You have done nothing wrong, except for letting her get under your skin so, she doesn't deserve that kind of power over you.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have the guts to say that stuff out loud to her. I'd be sitting there smoldering but wouldn't be able to say anything.

@darev2005 "bignorant" Cool, can I start using this?

thedickdujour said...

I think I love you!!!

MichelleLCSW said...

You. Are. BADASS!

klahanie said...

It's a sad reflection on some parts of society who are determined to stay blissfully ignorant and reinforce their bias natures.
My friend, I would have said similar things to the 'slovenly lady'. I haven't got time for such irrational and misplaced paranoia.
Have a peaceful and positive day.
In kindness, Gary

Mustang Sally said...

Your awesomeness rocks man. If there were more people like you and less like her I might be able to drudge up a smidgen of hope for our country again.

Thank you for making me feel less like an alien on this planet.

Sarahf said...

You rock! I am always so shocked by morons like that, I can never come up with anything to say. Hope you have a peaceful, idiot free weekend.

Warren said...

As some of the other comments alluded to, I can only come up with the witty shoot-em'-down replies after the moment has passed. Keep up the good work.

Sam said...

Oh Christ-it NEVER ceases to amaze me-how STUPID people can be. SO STUPID. I think you showed quite a bit of restraint-I would have pulled all her hair out.

o0crystal0o said...

wow. this ignorance is sickening. ive had the same feelings about what seems to be most americans outlook on foreigners. i was at sams club with an ex and we were sitting at a table next to a mexican family.. they were all speaking spanish and whenver i hear spanish i try and listen to see if i can decipher any of the convo... i took 3 years of spanish in school and desperately wish to be bilingual however am too lazy to actually put in the work to do so.. anyway... my ex said... ugh, i hate people who come to america and cant speak english, stop speaking mexican and learn our language....

ignorance. i said he was an ex. there are MANY MANY MANY more reasons why.