Friday, November 19, 2010

Maybe It's Because I Don't Dance

I've never watched "Dancing With The Stars."

(Writing that sentence does involve some smugness on my part.)

I've also never watched "American Idol", "The Biggest Loser", "Survivor", etc.....

Basically anything that falls remotely into what's been coined as "Reality TV" pretty much throws my brain into a deep freeze. I'm already mind numbingly stupid. I don't need to further de-educate myself watching total nonsense.

But this "Dancing With The Stars" bullshit irks me. This year it has invaded every social medium and news outlet in the country. All because of the hillbilly clan from Alaska, the Palins. You can't escape it.

You don't even have to watch the damn show to know Bristol Palin shouldn't be still dancing. The judges panel has her and her partner ranked last, or close to it, for weeks now. Apparently fan voting keeps her in contention and now the finals are near.

All of this is amusing to me as well. Bristol Palin really has no fans, her mother does. (And yes, that's baffling in itself, but somehow true.) Bristol Palin's only claim(s) to fame are her mother and perhaps the ability to get knocked up as a senior in high school. Not exactly stellar points in the resume of life to me.


Television viewers are venting their rage at Bristol Palin herself for this so-called travesty. Hell, some guy actually gunned down his television with disgust when she and her partner weren't voted off the show recently. These people are truly morons. It's a meaningless show. It's simply entertainment, albeit where talent isn't necessarily rewarded properly.

The anger is also misdirected. Bristol Palin is just a dumb kid. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not her fault people are voting in her favor. Bristol Palin isn't doing anything that any other person involved in some type of competition wouldn't be doing, which is trying to win.

The people who are voting in her favor aren't really voting for her in the first place. They're voting in favor of her mother, Sarah Palin.

This isn't surprising to me honestly. These people who are voting in favor of Bristol Palin when she obviously isn't qualified to have gotten this far on this show are the same people who are going to vote for Sarah Palin in 2012 for POTUS.

And that should scare us in all reality. If these people are willing to bypass voting in favor of talent and qualifications in a dance contest I'm sure they're going to do the same thing in a Presidential election as well.

In both instances people are, or would be, voting for fluff with no substance. Those are the people we should be upset with. Because they're the morons who are the cause of this travesty, and what I suspect will be the pending one, when Sarah Palin announces a run for president in 2012.

Disclaimer: My thoughts on Sarah Palin have nothing to do with Obama. I'm not a fan of his either.


Dazee Dreamer said...

Brain dead. That's what those people are. Don't even get me started on Sarah Palin.

Sandra said...

You need to tune in to Dancing with the Stars, but close your eyes. This way you can hear the music, but not watch the train wreck.

JY said...

I watch 'Hoarders'... only cuz it makes my house look freakin clean! LOL... It got my daughter to clean up her room though. She asked me one day "what is this show?" and I told her that it is what happens don't clean up their room... !

Shinade said...

I watched this show the first season or two when they had some really good guests. George Hamilton was a hoot!!

But, like you, I am not one to be really be into any of the reality tv shows. I prefer a good movie if do take time to watch the tube!
Happy weekend,

FishHawk said...

Hey, go easy on us hillbillies. Granted, most of us are enamored by Sarah Palin, but much of that has nothing to do with her politics. Well, at least for the menfolk.

Gail said...

I don't have time for television, I am too busy playing my banjo and gutting fish here in Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the lure of reality shows at all. Hell, if I want to see unqualified people retaining their position despite poor performance, I just follow politics.

Charlene said...

My reality is real enough. I watch The Amazing Race because I like to see the world I'll never travel to.

These shows are popular with producers because they are so cheap to produce.

I'm sure you heard about the guy who got so mad that she is in the finals he killed his TV. This morning the news reported that the production office for the show received an envelope with a "powdery substance" which proved to be baby powder. The place was evacuated and the police, fire department and FBI got involved.

I thought when I heard that it sounded like the kind of thing attention whores such as Mrs and Miss Palin might be involved in.

Francis Hunt said...

If Palin is elected president in 2012 I'm emigrating ... from planet earth!

darev2005 said...

Wow. Living in canada is sounding better and better every day. I'm going to open a enclave where teevee sets are not allowed. If you have to watch a show, you must watch it privately on a laptop in a small darkened room.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I saw a "Palin in 2012" bumper sticker. The only thing keeping me from ramming into the back of that car is knowing they probably had no insurance and mine would go up. Sad day.

ag. said...

I really think the Palin's have given Dancing with the Stars a bad name...I've talked to a lot of fans of the show that are now giving up on it. I don't know why Palin would have any confidence to run for President!

Sarahf said...

I love how these things are called a "travesty", it's a show, people. Get over it.