Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Exemption?

A lot of people are pretty pissy about this full body screening and pat downs at airlines. I honestly don't know how to feel about it myself.

My indifference on this subject may have to do with the fact that I never see me flying anywhere ever again though.

(Why yes, yes it is, quite a cop out.)

September 11th, 2001 changed a lot of things. Those planes being used as missiles were jarring.

But now the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that pilots get to bypass this screening process.

Now that's a bit of a head scratcher to me.

As I recall it was planes used to attack us in September of 2001. Piloted planes at that.

So now we're giving a pass to those who pilot planes?

If we're screening passengers, who for the most part can't fly a plane, we should be screening people who can definitely pilot them. You know, like pilots.

While I have mixed feelings on this screening and pat down process over all, if it's going to be required and carried out, letting pilots off the hook makes no sense to me.

Of course to many people, this whole process makes no sense. As I stated earlier I have mixed feelings about it. I'm all for safety, but this seems to cross a line to me. It's a tough call and situation in an attempt to provide safe travel, yet infringes on privacy rights.

I think no matter your stance on this subject, it make as much sense, or as little sense, to screen pilots as you would any other person boarding a plane. Just simply for the sake of ensuring the person flying the plane isn't armed as well.

Can you imagine the embarrassment the TSA would have to endure if an armed pilot turned a plane into a missile? I think screening those responsible for flying the plane itself would be a good first line of defense myself.


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

I can certainly see your argument. However . . .

. . . had those pilots back in 2001, have been armed, maybe they could have stopped the suicidal lunatics who took over the planes? Just a thought.
The enigmatic, masked blogger

Charlene said...

I don't travel by plane. I didn't like that way of travel before planes were used as missles, but that's another thing.

The person who travels by plane is the one who trusts others for their safety. It's not surprise to me that about 90% of people who travel frequently have no problem with the screening procedures. They've already surrendered to the choas of airplane travel long ago.

nuclearheadache said...

That's a tough one. I get what you're saying. A terrorist network could conceivably get someone in place as a pilot, but couldn't they also conceivably get someone in place as a screener that lets someone purposely slip through. Where do you draw the line?

darev2005 said...

As another one who will never fly again, I can but agree with you. Getting onto an airplane is comparable to getting out of old east Germany during the height of the cold war. "These papers are not in order. Commt mit mir, bitte."

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm kind of feeling the same as you. I used to love to fly, but not when I have to get strip searched. We must have been on the same wavelength today. My post is about the TSA

Miss Melicious said...

I don't often fly. But when I do, I don't have any issues with any security measures (except maybe cavity searched...I don't EVER want one of those at the airport thankyouverymuch.) The USA isn't the strictest place. I've flown to several places and honestly the security in Canada and the US was the most laid back. I had my luggage dumped and searched in before we even checked in in some countries!

Mustang Sally said...

I believe the only "weapon" used to take over the planes on 9/11 was a box cutter. Simple point in fact, a box cutter would have been detected by the metal detector gate or/x ray machines that was used prior to 9/11 by any competent security personnel.

Facts are, they used to pay minimum wage for that job and would hire anyone to do it. And once they were hired it was almost impossible to get fired. I know, I worked for one at a major metro airport in the 80's. We had one lady that failed the 'gun test' EVERY time they ran it through ... but they never replaced her. You get what you pay for.

Now it seems the idiots are in charge and we get TSA. I know I'm not impressed.

Jessica B said...

I am 100% in agreement with your thoughts on pilots getting to avoid the screening process. It seems like a pretty bad idea to me.

I am one who believes in the screenings, as when/if I fly, I know for a fact I am not carrying anything dangerous, and I can't imagine anyone who was (also) not carrying anything dangerous would object. If I had to get a more thorough "pat down," for whatever reason, however embarassing it may be, I'd rather suffer that than worry about who was slipping through the cracks.

However, it seems pretty invasive at times, and foolish - if you've read any of the reports about the uneccessary and scary searches of little kids, you'd know what I mean. I guess I am not sure how else to get around that. Even using what is thought of as common sense can come back to haunt the screeners - imagine a terrorist using their child as a prop to smuggle something through the gates. I do not doubt for one moment that an extremist would do such a thing.

I have to admit that knowing that the TSA screenings are very, very serious and in depth does make me feel a little safer.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Well I think people are crazy. I fly when I can afford it and EVERY SINGLE TIME I have been declared "special" and have gotten an "extreme search". I don't know why, but a 5'3 white girl screams "terrorist". But I have gone through the tube, the pat down, a strip search, the wand, etc. And you know what? As inconvenient it is- at least they check. I'd rather be checked than get onto a plane where nobody is checked. Buck the fuck up people.

Reckmonster said...

I have no faith in TSA whatsoever to properly execute the mission of ensuring any kind of "air safety" and I'll tell you why: My ex-douchebag got hired by them and he was a TSA Screener at a large airport for a very little while (he quit b/c he "didn't like lifting all of those heavy suitcases!" Yeah. Douche). He's an idiot. The people he worked with (and described to me) were idiots. Unless they've started to administer IQ testing and MMPIs to become TSA screeners, I'm wary. And I am so NOT a fan of having to take my shoes off ANYWHERE in public and walk across anybody's floor. This has nothing to do really with your post, but I thought I'd throw my 37 cents in. :)

blueviolet said...

I agree. Everyone on the plane should be subject to the pats and searches!

mr.hackzy said...

i agree...........

jy said...

I think anyone getting on the plane should be searched... includes passengers, pilots, attendants... name it..if it makes the plane a safer place to be. I don't like how recent reports though have been saying that people with special needs have been purposely humiliated via these searches...there's one thing about being thorough and strict, it's another to humiliate someone.

Sparkling Red said...

I have no reason to fly, and don't plan on doing so. I have mixed feelings about the security measures being enacted, and I can't comment based on personal experience. However, it seems that if airplanes get to be too difficult as targets, terrorists will change their target to subway trains or other targets. Then what?

Alicia said...

My thoughts are whatever stops my plane from being hijacked by somebody hoping to make a statement, I'm ok with it. If anything, I feel bad for the TSA people having to see a load of naked people all day long. After a while nudity will be super boring and that's the real crime here.

CrunchyVTMommy said...

Im with you except im creeped out by those see through screening machines. See im super hot so you KNOW ima be a target for the pervs :OD

Darren said...

Ok I guess I fail to see the -logic- in your request for pilots to get screened.

Would it be ok to have a pilot check 10000 gallons of jet fuel through the screening line? If you think no then I hate to break it to you , but that's what they are in control of when they are behind the secured door in the cockpit.

I also hate to break into your fragile world and remind you that nothing a person get's on board is going to trump a entire plane full of jet fuel as a possible weapon scenario.

Contrary to your weird view, the real weapon during 9/11 was not a box cutter, it was the PLANE.

Pilots have control of the PLANE people. Wake up, sniff a piping hot cup of joe and reread this post a few times.

No weapon is going to help a pilot do harm if they want to or not. Pilots swap control of the plane over the course of their trip and if a pilot wanted to cause harm, there are times the other pilot just can't stop this in time.

That's what is called REALITY people. I know I fly for a living and prior fighter pilot vet who understands risk is people not things.